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I like guests to have all the details they need to make an informed decision about where they are staying. So I am going to tell you all I can think you might need to know and feel confident you made the right choice about your accommodations in Maui. 

#1 We rent to only 2 adults. There is no sofa bed or couch to sleep on.

#2 There is no dishwasher.

#3 Bed is a queen size, med firm.

 #4 There is no air conditioning in the building 

#5 There is no smoking in the resort or any units. 

#6 The door has a KABA electronic lock so only you have access while on island. I w text you the code, as thats your key.

We require 1/2 of your total payment within 7 days of booking. The balance is due 60 days prior to your arrival. If you cancel before that time I will refund your monies minus $100, if you cancel after the final payment, I will refund whatever days I am able to re rent.

We accept Paypal or personal checks.

Our art work is casual but some have story. The one photo above the bed is taken out front of the unit.

The oil painting of the Mr Honu was bought from a local painter, who needed Money to leave the island, the picture near the couch is actually a photo of a sea sanctuary on the other side and that is PHOTO!! See the whale and baby?

The watercolor in the bedroom was a gift to us from a guest and is of Black rock. The poster in the dining room is our bow to when we bought the condo. And MY FAV is the one I took of whale below!

We upgraded to a much larger refrig. 21 cubic foot refrigerator. I leave you water bottles you can refill at Safeway.

In 2022 we replaced the  shades on the lanai. We are 1 of 2 units to have shades in the building.

Our sliders have tint on them so you have privacy during the day. You can see out no one can see in. 

The queen Beauty rest, firm lux mattress with several layers of comfort gel which is to  keep you cool as you sleep. I would call it a Medium firm mattress.


We have lots of books you can read or take

 In 12-2018 we installed a new Minka quiet bedroom ceiling fan w 4 speeds and remote. 

A Big Ass fan was installed in the living room with remote in 2018, which moves up to 1600 sq ft of air. In 2022 we put in the light fixture in the fan base. Very bright! 


We supply towels, sheets, hair dryer, liquid body shower soap, beach towels,  body boards, snorkel masks, beach bag, small sand chairs, small lunch cooler, reusable shopping bags, USB extension cords and new recliners also have USB ports on each chair.


We hope you enjoy our whimsical items that add a personal, friendly feeling.

Maui beaches have suffered a lot of erosion due to rising sea levels. Our beach size fluctuates depending on the seasons. A very long, expensive project is being worked on to get T Grids installed. We hope it is done in our lifetime. But this is Maui!

In April 2021, the 1000 pg ecological study, (that took 3 years to complete),  presented a proposal to restore the beach back to the size it was in 1975. How amazing that would be!! It now must be approved by all agencies and find 40-50M+ to pay for it.

Below us is a great place to sit and soak up the Maui magic, swim, snorkel, kite surf or paddle board. 


The whales are easy to spot, as are turtles from off the lanai. 




Great picture I took just outside of Lahaina harbor with a cheap camera. Its has not been edited or enlarged in any way! Pretty cool guy huh?

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